Clean Proppant Delivery

PropFlow’s wet sand technology provides a significant competitive advantage no matter the proppant type or condition, enabling us to deliver a cleaner, more efficient product to our consumers. Our delivery via the lowest-cost last mile and the removal of harmful debris at the well not only increases pump life but reduces maintenance costs and downtime. And the flexibility to store more sand onsite reduces strain on the logistics system resulting in lower costs.

Last Mile Transport

  • Utilization of traditional, non-specialized bulk material transport such as dump trucks, end dumps and belly dumps
  • Up to 80% cost reduction in last mile transport
  • Consistent delivery schedule reduces strain on logistics system and proppant source

Debris Removal

  • Gain control of proppant quality at the point of entry
  • Efficient and effective debris removal at the site prior to the blender
  • Reduce maintenance costs and downtime related to debris in the pump system

Wet Sand

  • Wet sand use can further reduce costs compared to dry sand
  • Eliminate loading/unloading & transport issues associate with wet sand
  • Improved sand availability in some basins as sources increase without frac sand specific requirements

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

38 tons
CO2 per 1,000 tons of wet sand

570 tons
CO2 per well reduction

One crew, utilizing wet sand for one year reduces:

GHG Emissions equivalent to 1,971 passenger vehicles driven for one year
CO2 Emissions equivalent to 9,391,304 pounds of coal burned
Carbon sequestered by 15,527 acres of forest